*The message is...* Angry Lady: "Let me tell you something right now. My name is *cuckoo* and I live in *cuckoo*, Texas and I am looking at my screen right now and all I'm seeing is this IDIOT giving the damn weather; talking about this stupid ass tornado that's in Whinneywood in Elmount County... Davis. And it ain't even anywhere near me and do you know what is on at 8 'o clock? Criminal Minds. Let me tell you something. My season finale of Criminal Minds, the latter half of it was interrupted because of this douchebag who's on my damn screen, talking about a freakin' damn tornado that wasn't anywhere near me. I don't appreciate that bull *cuckoo*! It would be different if it were near me, it's not near me! There was no, NO excuse for him to be breaking in during the show. That is what a freakin' commercial break is for. He can break in and talk about whatever the hell he wants to talk about, during a damn commercial. I don't give a crap about that damn storm! I don't care about that tornado near that county; near that town! I don't care about those people! All I care about is seeing the season finale of my show! It would be different if he was talking about a tornado that's going to effect me, but he's not. I don't give a flying *cuckoo*. You people, fix it now!

Lady calls into her local news channel and complains about a breaking news story about a tornado. Come on guys, all she wants is to watch the season finale of Criminal Minds. Is that too much to ask?