Connor: "Do ya know what we need, man? Some rope." Murphy: "Absolutely. What are you, insane?" Connor: "No I ain't. Charlie Bronson's always got rope." Murphy: "What?" Connor: "Yeah. He's got a lot of rope strapped around him in the movies, and they always end up using it." Murphy: "You've lost it, haven't ya?" Connor: "No, I'm serious." Murphy: "That's stupid. Name one thing you'd need a rope for." Connor: "You don't fuckin' know what you're gonna need it for. They just always need it." Murphy: "What's this 'they' shit? This isn't a movie." Connor: "Oh, right." Connor: "Is that right, Rambo?" Murphy: "All right. Get your stupid fuckin' rope." Connor: "I'll get my stupid rope. I'll get it. There's a rope right there."

Picking out weapons and gear.