911 Operator: ..what’s the address of your emergency? Woman: Hi, its 1623 Coanga, a photographer was hit by a car. 911 Operator: Did you say 1623 Coanga? Woman: I believe so, yes sir. 911 Operator: Okay and ma’am what is your cell phone number please? Woman: My… 911 Operator: Okay ma’am now what’s the problem there? Tell me exactly what happened there? Woman: Um, there is a photographer that has been hit by a car. 911 Operator: A photographer? Woman: A paparazzi has been hit by a car and he’s got…ribs and his legs. 911 Operator: And are you still there now? Woman: Yes, I’m here with him. I’ve had a little first responder training so I’m… 911 Operator: Ma’am the car that hit him, are they still there? Woman: The car that hit him…no they left. It was a black BMW I think. 911 Operator: Now I’m trying to see if we have another call there. Woman: I’m sorry sir. 911 Operator: I’m just seeing if we have another call there so I don’t make a…how old is this man approximately? Woman: Sir how old are you? 31 years old. 911 Operator: Okay so he is awake. He is awake. He is… Woman: He’s awake. 911 Operator: He is breathing. Alright. And the car that hit this gentleman left? Woman: Yes sir. 911 Operator: And this is what I need. So he’s not pinned under the car, he wasn’t thrown; he is awake, any obvious injuries ma’am? Woman: His left wrist, he’s unable to squeeze my hand. He has a lot of pain when I…his wrist. 911 Operator: Well let’s don’t move him. Ma’am please whatever you do just don’t move his wrist anymore, let’s not move him anymore. If there is any bleeding what I need you to do is get a clean dry towel apply direct pressure, we are on the way out there and he’s not in the street anymore, is that right? He’s on the curb or something? Woman: Well it’s an ally way and he’s up against the wall of the ally way. 911 Operator: Okay we have you right at Collanga and Clifton Street is that correct? Woman: Collenga and Selma I believe. I’ve never been to this part before. 911 Operator: Yeah, well that’s fine that’s right next to each other…number 36? Woman: Say again? 911 Operator: No I’m talking to LA PD just hold on just a minute ma’am. Police: LAPD are you still on the line? Woman: Yes sir. Police: Ours is 36…please don’t move him anymore and…just like you’re doing. Nothing to eat or drink and we appreciate your help. If anything does change for the worse until we get there please call us right back. The fire department and the police are on their way their way out there. Woman: Thank you sir.

This is the 911 call that is made after Lindsay Lohan's assistant hits a photographer with a car and leaves the scene.