"We play kickball for the first hour. What's up gals? What's up ladies? I'm kicking back, just the normal daily drill. I'm actually pretty good at kickball. I'm a little bit of an athlete I don't like to talk about it. Let's focus on the story. I mean you roll it down I'm going to kick it pretty hard. Some guys bounce which is illegal. Either way, I'm gong to wack it. So if you are the pitcher you might as well roll it so you can sleep at night because you won't be a cheater. Because either way you are going to get shelled. So here I am, I'm kicking back. And I'm ready to make my move. I'm ready to unveil the little Spade face on my shirt. This is such a true story it scares the shit out of me. I'm going back to it. This is like pre-hell. This is when things are still going good for me in my life. And it was like the last 40 seconds of good. Bing. Grr. Open it a little bit just to see my feathered hair. Wing. There's no trouble yet. Hey everything is cool. Bing bing bing. I start to take it off, it's halfway off my shoulder and that's the first time the whole school yelled in unison QUEER! I ran into my first room and ran under my desk. Oh my God, Spade has got a picture of himself on his shirt for me. This is why I'm going to hell. Swear to God I don't. First lie. Totally up against the wall. Yes you do. They can't even do that. They can't even put a picture on a t-shirt. Did you hear what he said? Isn't that funny? Meanwhile that's all they can do to t-shirts is put pictures on them. I would have gotten killed in cross. We should put it in a time capsule, so in 2010 they can know what a fruitcake you were for posperity. Sad."

Spade goes to school with his Dave shirt on underneath his button down shirt. He plays some kickball, and decides to reveal his Dave shirt to the school.