Operator: 911. Woman: This isn’t really an emergency but it is sort of one for this little old lady. I’ve been terribly upset and I thought the only thing I could do, I don’t believe in sleep pills and all of that, I went out and bought a couple small bottles of beer. I thought that would relax me. Operator: What’s the problem? Woman: The problem is I can’t open the bottles. Could you send a man over and I’ll be downstairs and have him open the bottle. Operator: Now wait a minute. Okay wait a minute. Am I correct that you can’t sleep so you went out and bought 2 bottles of beer and you want a policeman to come by and open them for you? Woman: Yes please. Because I don’t have any equipment here that seems to handle that kind of a prop. And I have never…I think I had a ketchup bottle once and a neighbor broke the top off. Operator: Awe, now listen I’m going to get you someone out there to open those beer bottles. You just stay in your apartment and I’ll send him up to the apartment. What’s your phone number? Woman: Let me take a look at it. It’s a new one and I don’t remember it very well. I can hardly see it’s all blotted and blurred. It looks like…I can’t see it without a magnifier. Operator: Okay you can’t see it without a magnifying glass. That’s okay that I don’t know your phone number. Woman: Well it looks like it has been put in by the operator, the one who put the phone in. And it’s down below and that was it and then they put another one atop and it’s sort of blurred. I’m sorry about that. Operator: That’s okay. I’ll just get… Woman: I’m cold sober… Operator: I know you are. Woman: And I don’t have any bad intent or anything. I just want to go to sleep. Operator: I know. Well we’ll get you someone out there to open that beer bottle. Woman: Thank you. Should I hang up. Operator: Yes.

An elderly woman calls 911 to get someone to come over and open some beers for her. 911 responds and sends her someone.