Denise: Barry hates when I'm in the house during his poker night. Would you give me a second, you fat douche? Barry: Get out. Get out of the fucking house... Denise: Zooey just got engaged! Barry: To who? Denise: "To who," are you joking? To Peter. Peter: To who? To me. Barry: I don't know Peter. Peter: I've met the guy like 20 times. Denise: You've met him like 20 times. Barry: I don't know Peter. Denise: You don't know Peter? Barry: I have no idea who that is. Denise: Okay, we've been on like 20 dates with him. You don't know him? Barry: I've never met Peter. Denise: You are such an asshole.

Peter and Zooey listen on speaker phone while Denise and Barry go at it.