1, 2, 1, 2, Get ready to get knocked over. I have something to say I'm not trying to play Cut me a check for twenty five kay You want to help the people in my state great Cause I'm an republican for goodness sake The economy, the war And issues that affect the poor Go to the streets That's really the heat of the meat Bet on black you get it done You got the black republican that grew up on 8 street in DC son I've been a Republican since I was 17 I intend to run the RNC Go back to my base Getting up in their face Democrats try to mix us up and get us off track Okay, whatever that's whack The Democrats got the swagger right now, swagger right now, swagger, swagger right now whatever The Democrats represent deflation, stagnation, obfuscation, taxation, traficaion(?) Reality check here Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer Oops my bad Hush, hush! I like Rush I'm focused on the cash flow Create the wealth not a stimulus bill That's a bad bad bill Drill baby drill There was a Michael Steele before there was a Barack Obama I'm always open to everything like Like jer mama, jer jer, jer mama Ha, ha But Seriously Trying to force a massive stimulus bill I say that to that baloney These numb nuts on capitol hill can blow me Hahaha! He definitely got the beat down. How you like me now

Colbert compiles a rap response for Mike Steele.