Jodi: Benny, Benny: What? Jodi: I have a favor to ask ya. Benny: What do ya need? Jodi: Take it easy on my brother this summer. All of you. Benny: Mitch Kramer? Jodi: Yeah, Mitch Kramer. Benny: Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna give him a beating... Pink: Ow! Benny: ...He'll never forget! Jodi: Just don't get him more than the other guys, any of you. He's kinda little. Pink: You got our word, sis. Little brother'll be okay. Thanks. See you guys. Jodi: Ow! Benny! These guys, I don't know. Kaye: Oh, you love it. Dawson: There's just a little bit of bullshit in all that, right? Major bullshit. He's a dead man. He's fuckin' dead! Dawson/Pink: Shotgun!

Dawson, Pink and Benny are on their way out of the building with the hazing paddle Benny's just made in shop, when Jodi stops them.