Photo by Lane Hartwell Zoe Keating is the cellist from our live show, War of the Worlds. She used to play with the band Rasputina and now solos and records music for films, such as horror flick, “The Devil’s Chair” (coming out September 30th) and a PBS documentary on Lincoln’s assassination. Her music process reminded us a bit of ours (looping and layering sound) so she and Jad sat down together in San Francisco to talk shop and listen to some unreleased stuff off her new album (as of yet untitled). In this podcast, you’ll hear Jad and Zoe discuss the physics (if not metaphysics) of looping sound and how to use a 17th century instrument to make avant-garde electronic music: If you do not see flash audio player please install the latest flash player. Download MP3 You can see her on tour with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls in September and October. You can also check out her album, One Cello X 16: Natoma. Read more about her here.