Nicole: The new iPhones, we’ll be watching both AT&T and Apple. Liz: Define that please? Nicole: Me? Liz: Okay, thank you very much Nicole…we’ve got some breaking news, the Supreme Court has issued a Stay for Chrysler, let’s go for Tracy Burns, she’s got all the news. Tracy. Tracy: Actually Liz I think you want to jump up to Robert for this because I got your 7 leads. Liz: Robert, go ahead. Robert: You know Liz I’m trying to get a hold of this myself. Just jumping on this, some breaking news guys…I don’t have it Liz I have to send it back down to you I’m afraid. I’m digging for it myself. Liz: But the basics of it is that the Supreme Court has issued a Stay for Chrysler. So clearly this is a fascinating story that we’re going to get all into place in just a moment as soon as we can get everything here. Let’s get to Tracy, now it’s your turn.

Fox News completely butchers breaking news in the day. No one knows what is going on.