New videos every week, subscribe now! Behind The Scenes: Original Song Eenie Meenie by Sean Kingston feat. Justin Bieber: Created by The Station Extra Channel: Follow Our Twitter: Become a Fan on Facebook: STARRING: HiImRawn ShayCarl Song by HiImRawn and Nice Peter Download mp3: Bikini girls: Devyn Howard Samantha Tinsley (black and white bikini brown hair) Alice Gardin (red bikini) Allison Sciulla (black and white bikini black hair) Emma Duty BIKINI BOYS Ian Crossland (pink Bikini) VinVlog (blue Bikini) COW Diego "THE DISCO" Shay's MOM CECILEY Directed by Johanas Bartholomew Neckstarian aka 20K Camera by Layne Pavoggi PA/Sound Jonathan Na Edited by Blake ONeal LYRICS When I first wore it It felt so right this guy in a cow suit said I looked out of sight My Friend's comin over They were so suprised Playin like they Never Had Seen My thighs I just can't describe The Wonderful Feeling That comes along with wearing a thong It just cant be right wearin shirts and Pants how Could a Hundred million women be wrong I think I lost my mind, mind, mind mind mind I wear it all the Time, time, time, time, time GOT a Weird Tan LIne Line Line line line I wish you guys could just admit I look FINE I wear my bikini all the time and I love it I wear my bikini all the time im proud of it Im In my bikini when im out gettin grocerys Im in my bikini when im picking up postage I dont wanna start dissin' but this aint right You'er in a bikini BRO and it hurts my eyes I mean what you wear it here for It's just not nice We're having dinner at my Mom's house But Im gonna try to igore the feeling that you are freaking out of your mind I just dont know why I told you and Told you Not to wear it when you out with the guys We're Gonna go blind blind blind blind blind This should be a crime crime crime crime crime I know you think its fine fine fine fine fine But everybody else wants to run You wear your bikini all the time it's disgusting You wear your bikini all the time I'm adjusting You wear a bikini its the size of a shoe string You wear your bikini even when you are working A bikini on a BRO Feels so good I hope you know All the ladys Holla Woah A Bikini on a bro Love to feel the wind just blow Riding on a bicycle Bikinis are the best best best best best best Love showing of my chest chest chest chest chest I'm never getting Dressed dressed dressed dressed dressed Wear My Bikini as we Frolic as ONE!