Don Lockwood: I'm no actor. I never was. Just a lot of dumb show. I know that now. Cosmo Brown: Well, at least you're taking it lying down. Don Lockwood: No. No kidding, Cosmo. Did you ever see anything as ridiculous as me on that screen tonight? Kathy: Yeah, how about Lina? Don Lockwood: All right. I ran her a close second. Maybe it was a photo finish. I'm through, fellas. Kathy: Don, you're not through! Cosmo Brown: Why of course not. Why, with your looks and figure, you could drive an ice wagon or shine shoes! Kathy: Block hats! Cosmo Brown: Sell pencils! Kathy: Dig ditches! Cosmo Brown: Or worse still, go back to vaudeville.

After the horrible premiere of his first talking picture, Don thinks it's time to hang up being an actor.