911 Operator: And are you in a house or apartment there? Woman: House. 911 Operator: Okay and what’s the phone number you’re calling from? Woman: .. 911 Operator: And what’s the problem, tell me exactly what happened. Woman: Uh, my dad…and 911 Operator: You’re with him right now? Woman: Yeah, he just collapsed and he gets back up but he keeps falling back down. 911 Operator: How old is he? Woman: 56. 911 Operator: 56. And he is awake and breathing right now? Woman: Yes he is. He lost…gets up and then he got back up and was fine. He scared me. 911 Operator: Okay what position is he in right now? Is he sitting down or laying down? Woman: Sitting down. 911 Operator: Let’s keep him sitting down okay. I don’t want him up and walking around. Is he violent at all or anything like that? Woman: No not at all. 911 Operator: Okay. What’s his color? Is he flushed or pale? Woman: No, he’s fine. 911 Operator: Okay. And he’s completely awake and alert and responding to you appropriately? Or is he a little out of it? Woman: No he’s not looking straight…straight. 911 Operator: Is he breathing normal? Woman: Yes I think so. 911 Operator: Okay…okay. And he’s been doing that for how long? The last hour, two hours? Woman: …I was…yesterday he…went to the hospital… 911 Operator: That’s okay. That’s okay. Fire department is on the way. I want you to keep your father nice and calm okay. Woman: Okay yeah, that’s fine. I’m scared too… 911 Operator: Nothing to eat or drink for him. We don’t want him to choke on anything. Hold on just a moment…okay ma’am. Ma’am? Woman: Hi, I had to call 911. He’s like messed up. He like fell over. 911 Operator: Ma’am hello? Woman: I’m sorry. 911 Operator: No problem. No problem. Is there somebody else in the house with you? Woman: No, I’m on the phone with my sister and… 911 Operator: …hello? No I don’t need to talk to them. Man: Hello? 911 Operator: Hello this is the fire department. Man: Hi. 911 Operator: Um, what I need one of you to do is just unlock the front door so we can get in. Is there any kind of security gate or anything? Man: Yeah you do. 911 Operator: Okay if you can have that open as well we’ll be there shortly. Man: Thank you very much. 911 Operator: Okay. Sir? Sir? If anything changes or get worse give us a call right back at 911 okay? Man: Very, very… 911 Operator: I understand that. You want me to stay on the phone with you until they arrive just in case? Man: I’ll just have the gate open for you. 911 Operator: Okay sir, like I said if anything changes or gets worse give us a call right back. Thank you.

This is the newest David Hasselhoff 911 call that was made when he was taken to the hospital on November 27, 2009 for alcohol poisoning.