Whoopi: Can I say it right now. With as much business as you guys have done, you with the hairspray and the cleaning stuff and everything that you’re doing…you got to get yourself together or you’re going to be in the street. You’re going to start…you’re not going to be in jail. If you can’t answer these questions…yes I signed it. I signed it ‘cause I wanted to do it. Or yes I did this cause I wanted to do it or no I didn’t. You’re going to have to take responsibility. You’re too old now. Last year it was cute, now you’re adults. Heidi: Now we’re married. Joy: I have a question for Heidi because I read a quote that you said your goal is to be a true disciple of Jesus, the afore mentioned Lord and Mother Teresa, helping the poor and the hungry. Now I also heard that you’re posing for Playboy, do you think Mother Teresa would have done that? Heidi: I’m more of a modern version… Joy: …of Mother Teresa…a topless version of Mother Teresa. Heidi: But also… Whoopi: That is funny. Heidi: I can’t confirm that but it is a very reputable magazine, many people have done it.

The View starts ripping into Heidi and Spencer Pratt saying they were going to live off the street and criticized Heidi for agreeing to do Playboy.