Man: It was the night before Christmas. The Three Wise Men were traveling across the desert. Pauly D: Sure is a long trip across the desert. Snooki: I know I’m freakin’ tired. The Situation: I’m hungry as hell did anybody see my stomach lately? Man: The Wise Men like to show everyone his stomach. The King were following a big star. Pauly D: Follow that big star. The Situation: Yeah, hopefully it will lead us to baby king. Snooki: And we’ll bring gifts of gold, frankincense and mar. Man: But the evil king Irot did not want them to see the baby Jesus because he wants the kid for himself. Pauly D: I don’t care what King Irot wants. I brought these gifts for the baby Jesus and that’s who is gonna get it. Snooki: I totally agree. Man: Finally the Wise Men found the baby Jesus. Snooki: Oh my God Baby Jesus. I brought you some gold. Pauly D: I brought you frankincense. The Situation: And I brought you some mar baby Jesus. Man: And then the baby Jesus was happy and Christmas day was born. All: Merry Christmas baby Jesus.

The Jrsey Shore cast does their version of The Story of Christmas.