Astro Highlights brought to you by organic aromatherapy. Today is Wednesday, September 29th, 2010, the Sun is in relationship loving Libra and the Moon is in the networking sign of Gemini. It’s a great day to get out and mingle with your friends. KG is joined by Celebrity Astrologer Neil D. Paris of As the month of September draws to a close we’re nearing the end of completing projects, and unfinished business. And as we cross the quarter waning moon tomorrow we reach a crescendo of what needs to be released so that we can start the month of October ready to get down to the heart of the matter and take charge of balancing our accounts and life circumstances especially in areas related to love. The focus over the next several weeks will be on love and allowing more love into our lives. On Sunday, October 3rd at 2:59pm Pacific Mars the planet of action will conjunct Venus, the planet of love at 13 º Scorpio the sign of passion and private affairs. Neil will talk about how we are likely to be feeling at this time and what’s likely to manifest in our lives with Venus and Mars hooking up in Scorpio! On Thursday October 7th at 11:44am Pacific there’s a New Moon at 14 º Libra. Neil shares insights about how you can best use the energies of this particular Libra New Moon. On Friday October 8th just 6 seconds after midnight Pacific time Venus Stations Retrograde at 13º Scorpio when we’ll have an opportunity to review the area of our life where Venus is located and ask ourselves important questions related to the heart. Are we feeling loved and appreciated in our lives? Are we giving ourselves the quality of time and attention we need and are we making room in our lives for love to show up and give us the love we desire to experience in our lives. Neil give us the scoop on Venus’ Retrograde dance through Scorpio, and how are we likely to experience this six week period of time until November 18th when Venus Stations Direct @27º Libra. Check out Neil's Relationship Reports NOW on sale: This particular Libra New Moon on October 7th is excellent for setting your intentions to focus on allowing love to show-up fully in your life. Use the New Moon energies to nourish your heart mind and soul with the bounty that love has to offer you. Visit KG's website and click on FREE articles where you’ll find numerous New Moon Meditations, including one for the Libra New Moon. We are having a Special Founder's Day Sale on October 1-4, 2010, so check it out when you visit our website: Thanks so much for joining us. We love sharing essential heavenly news with you. May you enjoy the light of love that always surrounds you. I’m KG Stiles with Celebrity Astrologer Neil D. Paris with your Astro Highlights.