Eugene H Krabs: Mr. Squidward, front and center, please. I think we all know who rightfully deserves to wear that manager pin. Squidward: I couldn't agree more, sir. Fish #7: Hooray for SpongeBob! ( all cheering ) SpongeBob: Wait a second, everybody. There's something I need to say first. I just don't know how to put it. Squidward: I think I know what it is. After going on your life-changing journey, you now realize you don't want what you thought you wanted. What you really wanted was inside you all along. SpongeBob: Are you crazy?! I was just gonna tell you that your fly is down. Manager! This is the greatest day of my life!

SpongeBob has saved the day. He brought back the town, freed the town from Plankton and freed Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs is sorry for doubting Spongebob and wants to make up for it.