"Does anybody out there have some damn good economic news. A big earning surprise from Goldman Sachs late today. The giant investment firm reported a quartile profit more than double analyst estimates. The earnings were over a billion and a half dollars for Goldman. Wahoo! Recession is over bitches! Wall Street is back! The big dogs are out! Wait a minute, is this the same Goldman Sachs that took $10 billion in tax payer bailout money less than 6 months ago? That's amazing that just a few months later that's amazing that now just a few months later turning a 1.5 billion dollar profit, to pull that off you'd think the Treasury Secretary who designed the bailout used to be Goldman's CEO or something...oh really Hank Paulson literally left Goldman Sachs to take the Treasury job. Well that still doesn't explain how Goldman managed to get paid off 100 cents on the dollar in tax payer money for risky bets they maid with AIG for that the guy picked to run AIG would have had to been like a former member of Goldman's board of...I'm literally describing Edward Liddy. Okay, it's not like whoever planned the entire financial industry deregulation that enabled Goldman Sachs to get into this position in the first place...really Robert Ruben was. Clinton Treasurer Robert Ruben preceded Paulson as Goldman's CEO. Really and there were 14,000 other ex-Goldman guys who were in on it too?"

Jon Stewart jokes about Goldman Sachs turning a profit in the past quarter.