As for the ending which lifted me up in a way that I haven't felt in a long time on this matter, I can only say that my long term study of humans -- as a depth psychotherapist and as a student of other cultures across all time periods -- anthropology --- informed my conclusions, shaped them, and took me to visions of possible futures that I did not expect, but seem, if not as likely, then at least as worthy of the Human spirit as we deserve. And for all we've done it seems we have called down upon ourselves to be tested and to be found either worthy, or deserving of the grave we're digging. I've said too much. The piece is complete in itself, and if you dare, you may find yourself strangely invigorated. At least I hope you get some, if not a lot, of the benefits and positive attitude adjustment that I received. I left the piece feeling so much love and unity with all Humans and living things, for I knew that at no other time in the history of the world was the truth of the saying "we're all in this together," more patently true. This piece can be considered the preface to the book I am uploading on Entertonement of the same name "Apocalypse, Or New Dawn? And I realize that my book also goes back and forth between the horrors that are possible and, well, let us say, this unique situation with the potential so strong to bring Humans to raise themselves up and be led by their better angels more than any other time. What it will mean could be exciting and triumphant beyond belief as Humans come out of their puerile adolescent phase and become united and shaped for millennia by this great struggle; and we could also die trying our mightiest, which has a nobility to it. Currently we are looking like the stupidest beings ever to dream the dream of thingness and duality. It'll be scary and interesting, and you'll be helped if you have a strong faith in a Higher Power. Beyond that, it will be the biggest adventure that that the entire globe ever faced together, and the outcome could be just about anything. But don't get the popcorn, you won't be sitting for this one; no one will. Indeed, if we succeed, we will look back at such terms as "couch potato" and wonder at the lost, unfulfilled lives they describe, which will seem a strange thing in a future that will require all of us to come together in a way that we haven't seen since before (metaphorically speaking of course) The Tower of Babel. So success could be wondrous beyond all belief; at the same time the odds will be against us, even certain segments of humanity will want to monkey wrench our positive efforts.

Now you'd THINK this would be a morose piece. I am the author and I fully expected this to be a wake up call that only the brave or the Goths would listen to. I have to confess that the writing that came out of me and that I then expanded upon further in the reading was beautiful and led to a conclusion that inspired me (that's not supposed to happen!) and left me feeling calmer than I have been for a long time. Ok, Ok, so you want to know what's in here? I'm tempted to say "grab bag" and split, figuring to let Higher Power decide who gets to hear this. Sure this is in me; but there is more in here than I, well at least thought, was in me. No, I'll give you the poop: It's about a frightening global predicament that everyone seems to be aware of, but which few people are giving the attention and seriousness it deserves. I liken it to a thousand-alarm fire going off right now, with everyone looking away. I talk about why people would do that, why the media would be inclined to shy away. Basically it's understandable because we simply have no way of comprehending the magnitude of what is happening and how fast, since no living thing on this planet in its multibillion year history has had to face what we are. I use spiritual fantasy and real world analogies to help us to get a handle on what we're facing. In jumping into these "waters," I expected to be emotionally beat up. But instead I came to many understandings, and found I saw the positions of many who aren't helping right now somewhat through their eyes, and found compassion, not blame. Now, that I think of it, I am having the realization that the reason for my serene, compassionate, and loving feelings while doing this parallels why I felt there was hope in the end. This should have been in the piece, but I realize that facing dire challenges -- and this being the most dire of all -- brings out the best in Humans. It always has. Though this has been put off so long that we might not do anything substantive till it's too late, I also realize that a new administration in Washington is having unknown but positive ripple effects around the world. In essence, it is only now that either Americans or those around the world can feel they can apply themselves to tackling this biggest of all challenges, for the last administration was disheartening and disillusioning to people all around the world who cared about the crisis, and of course to us in America, who felt that any efforts we could make would be quickly outswamped by the massive anti-environmental policies (sneakily disguised in environmentally positive sounding labels). It is very disheartening when your own government seems to consider your life completely expendable when it comes to short term gains for the Bushie's -- corporate and "filthy rich" FOB's.