"Because amazed by America is clearly just a rip off of my own patriotic CD Blown Away by the USA. Jimmy, give the good people a little taste. I'm blown away by the USA. I'm not…by the US. I think each and every state is…over the next 9 minutes. I'm blown away by Alabama. It goes on from there. I'm impressed by Alaska. I really want to go-a to American Samoa. And folks if you act now you will also get my album Stunned by the States. A musical treasury for the whole family. I thank God for freedom, beef and the Constitution. I thank God for church, World War II and the Revolution. I thank God for dogs and cats and for me and for you. And I know that God thanks me too...you're welcome. And folks if you call in the next 5 seconds as a bonus you'll receive Flabbergasted by the Flag. My most heartfelt collection of patriotic standards mashed up with Bengals covers. My country tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty, walk like an Egyptian. Remember folks these cds are not available in stores because stores no longer sell cds."

Stephen Colbert sings song about America in retaliation to republican senator Orrin Hatch releasing a patriotic album.