Barack Obama: Alright guys, you’re up. Okay, how are you doing? What’s your name? Good to see you. Nice to see you. The…okay, this for me and Biden…we got two that we’re going to eat here then we got a bunch that we need to go. So Joe… Joe Biden: I’ll have a Swiss cheese burger, jalapeno peppers and do you put ketchup on it or do we do that ourselves? Alright, good to know. And a root beer. Medium well. Barack Obama: Alright, I’m going to have a basic cheddar cheese burger, medium well, I just want mustard, no ketchup. If you got like a spicy mustard or something like that or a Dijon mustard something like that. Lettuce, tomato…do you guys…are your fries pretty good? Can you vouch for your fries? Is that right? We’ll have one order of that. We’ll check that out. No, no, no I got to pay for them all. That’s the deal. Yeah, you guys are cheap dates though I can’t believe I can’t get more people to order a burger. Break a…Thanks guys. This is mine. That’s yours. Pretty good. That’s cheddar.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden go out for a burger at Ray's Hell Burger and Barack Obama causes a stir all over the internet when he asks for Dijon mustard.