[MG] Miss caribou killa, black gold drilla Watcha gonna do, hockey mom, to Pakistan? [Palin] Thats probably the only thing that theyre ever gonna agree on But that it was a central war on terror is in Iraq [MG] Your response? (Oww!) [Biden] Pakistan Thats where they live Thats where they are [MG] Next question: Iraq Are we ever gonna bring our homies back? [Palin] Were getting closer and closer to victory And it would be a travesty If we quit now in Iraq [Biden] We will end this war John McCain was saying the Sunnis and Shias got along with each other John McCain has been dead wrong [MG] Ooooh, blao! [Palin] Drill, baby, drill [MG] Aaaah, oh snap! Everybody, now go straight for the kill Oh! [Palin] F* Obama [MG] You gonna take that? [Biden] F* McCain [MG] Sticks and stones are so much softer than words Now its time for the economy Is main street gonna get a frontal lobotomy? [Palin] Joe six pack, hockey moms across the nation I think we need to band together and say Never again Never will we be exploited and taken advantage a—again By those who are managing our money [Biden] The middle class needs relief Tax relief, they need it now They need help now The focus will change with Barack Obama The governor did not answer the question about deregulation Did not answer the question, defending John McCain About not going going along with the— [MG] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Wai—wait a minute Go easy-way on the ightweight-lay Chorus Ad libs

This is a remix of the Vice Presidential debates in the 2008 elections between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.