Male Announcer: "93.7, the edge. It's the best of Andy Savage." Female Announcer: "On 93.7 the edge." Andy Savage: "Who's this?" Kim: "My name is Kim!" Andy Savage: "Oh Kim, how old are you Kim?" Kim: "25" Andy Savage: "Alright, and where are you calling from?" Kim: "Ysetta?" Andy Savage: "Alright cool! This is 'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not', I don't know if you heard this a few weeks ago." Kim: "Yes I did." Andy Savage: "Do you have a boyfriend or a husband?" Kim: "I have a boyfriend." Andy Savage: "Alright, how long you been going out with him?" Kim: "Um, just about a year now." Andy Savage: "Oh ok, and you suppose he loves you?" Kim: "I know he loves me." Andy Savage: "Oh really, why? Well how do you know." Kim: "Oh, special little love notes, or sending me flowers, or just the special time that we're able to spend together." Andy Savage: "Alright, what's your boyfriend's name?" Kim: "Greg." Andy Savage: "Well where does he live?" Kim: "Duluth." Andy Savage: "Oooh..." Kim: "Yeah." Andy Savage: "Well how often do you see him?" Kim: "We typically see each other every weekend. Because he's in Duluth and I'm in Ysette it makes it a little hard to see each other during the week." Andy Savage: "Ok, and you..." Kim: "To have quality time." Andy Savage: "So you have absolutely no reason to suspect he might be messing around on you?" Kim: "No. None." Andy Savage: "Well then this is going to be boring... um, but we'll humor you ok? We'll give him a call, and see how this... please don't say anything, ok Kim! I'll do all the talking." *ringing* Greg: "Hello?" Andy Savage: "Hi, is Greg there?" Greg: "Yea, who's this?" Andy Savage: "Greg, how you doing, my name is Andy Savage I'm calling from The Edge radio in Minneapolis, St. Paul. How are things in Duluth?" Greg: "A little frigid... What can I do for you?" Andy Savage: "Well, I guess, uh, I don't know do you get to Minneapolis or St. Paul often, or what?" Greg: "Yeah, every weekend on, uh, business..." Andy Savage: "Uh, yeah, because we pulled your business card out of a fishbowl at a local merchant, and every month we give away a dozen roses, to anybody, and well you're the winner this month. Congratulations! The deal is you don't have to do anything, I know you're far away, we deliver the roses for you, and we'll even put whatever you want on a nice little card to go along with the roses. All we need from you is a name and address of somebody you want 'em delivered to." Greg: "Oh, ok, yeah, my wife Cindy." Kim: "What?" Andy Savage: "Ok..." Kim: "Cindy?" Greg: "Aw, Jesus Christ..." Kim: "Your wife Cindy? " Greg: "Ugh..." Kim: "Ugh, you're wife Cindy? Would you?" Andy Savage: "Uh Greg, Kim's on the line." Greg: "Hi Kim..." Kim: "Oh, hi Greg. Um, would you mind explaining this to me? Your wife Cindy? How long have you been married?" Greg: "I was, I was kidding! I was Kidding!" Kim: "Kidding? Kidding my ass, you're such a dick! *Sob*" Greg: "You son of a #@$*&..."

A woman discovers on a call-in radio show that her boyfriend is married. A 25-year-old woman named Kim phoned in to take part in a scheme called "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not," in which callers who suspected their lovers of fooling around behind their backs gave Savage contact information, and he employed various ruses to try to catch out the straying sweethearts. Kim had been going out with a man named Greg for about a year, she said. Since Greg lived in Duluth, which was quite a distance away (over 150 miles) from Kim's home near Minneapolis, they saw each other only on weekends. Alarm bells should have been going off already, but Kim swore she had "absolutely no reason" to suspect Greg had been messing around on her. "I know he loves me," she told Savage quite confidently. ("Then this is going to be boring," Savage quipped in reply.)