TV Personality: The world of medicine, has seen its share of miracle cures. From the Polio vaccine, to hearth transplants. But all past achievements may pale in comparison to the work of Dr. Alice Kripin. Thanks you so much for joining us this morning. Dr. Alice Kripin: Not at all. TV Personality: Dr. Kripin, give it to me in a nut shell. Dr. Alice Kripin: Well, the premise is quite simple. Take something designed by nature and reprogram it, to make it work for the body rather than against it. TV Personality: You're talking about a virus? Dr. Alice Kripin: Indeed, yes in this case the measles. Virus, which has been engineered at genetic level, to be helpful rather than harmful. I'll find a best way to describe it. If you can imagine your body as a highway, and you picture the virus as a very fast car, being driven by a very bad man. Imagine the damage that car could cause. But then if you replace that man with a cop the picture changes, and that's essentially what we've done. TV Personality: How many people have you treated so far? Dr. Alice Kripin: We've had ten thousand and nine clinical trials on humans so far. TV Personality: And how many are cancer free? Dr. Alice Kripin: Ten thousand and nine. TV Personality: So you have actually cured cancer? Dr. Alice Kripin: Yes, yes. Yes, we have.

Dr. Alice Kripin who has found the cure to cancer is being interviewed on television about her findings and success.