All the men, We belong together, Someday, we’ll be toegehter yes we will, Someday we’ll be together, Come together, We belong together, …he said, morning, morning, morning street, … One love, one life, When it’s one, good night, One love, one baby Someday we’ll be together, We belong together, …. Too late, tonight to drage the past out into the light, We’re one, we’re not the same yet we know each other… Together, We will always be together, Someday we’ll be together, When all you got is her, one love, one…, one life… One life with each other, sisters, brothers, One life but we’re not the same but yet we carry each other, carry each other, …got to be free, come together, Together, You got to be free, Honestly, to be together, Come together

This is the song Together As One by DJ Earworm. It includes the artists U2 (One), Beatles (Come Together), Mariah Carey (We Belong Together), Diana Ross (Someday We'll Be Together).