Would you like some more tea, Polly Prissy Pants? Polly: Yes, Eric, I would love some tea. Thank you. Cartman: You're very welcome, Polly Prissy Pants. Would you like some tea, Clyde Frog? Clyde: Yes, please, Eric. Why are you so cool? Cartman: Oh. I don't know, Clyde Frog. I just am. Polly: You are so strong and smart, Eric. Everybody loves you. Cartman: Why, thank you, Polly Prissy Pants. How nice of you. [sips] Peter: [back at table] We like ya, Eric. You are the coolest guy in the world. This is tremendous tea. Cartman: Why, thank you, Peter Panda. This is Distinctive Earl Grey. Polly: Eric is the best! Clyde: Hooray for Eric! Peter: Eric kicks ass! Cartman: My goodness, that's a lovely dress you are wearing, Polly Prissy Pants. Polly: Oh, thank you, Eric. You are a perfect gentleman, and you are smart and true. Peter: Yes, Eric, you are strong and smart and true. Everybody likes you very much. Cartman: That's niiice, Peter Panda. Cartman: More tea, Rumpertumskin? Rumpertumskin: Yes, please, Eric. You are tough and handsome. Cartman: Thank you, Rumpertumskin. And what do you think about me, Clyde Frog? Clyde Frog: I think you're a big fat piece of crap. Cartman: [not knowing how to take that, then] Eeeyy!

Cartman hosts a tea party for his friends Polly Prissypants, Clyde Frog, Peter Panda and Rumpertumskin. Hilarity ensues. Hilarity with distinctive Earl Grey.