A glimpse ahead: the last thing to be disclosed in this short series: the Why. The actual events that led these people to decide on this path toward us all, and moved them to increase and add and elaborate those initial moves to the levels of the most comprehensive totalitarian controls over a people ever attempted, let alone succeeding, as far as we know right now. Quote, Part 1: "The Republican untruth, no matter how contradicted by observable reality, endlessly repeated in the exact same way, by each and every Republican, and always and everywhere when reason would be called on, instead the repeated phrase, brought out and repeated was found to eventually take root, sadly, without fail, for lack of anything else countering it able to be remembered. The Democrats, meanwhile, were of course on the opposite side of this seamless coordination of Republican effort. The Democrats, in not attempting to enslave anyone, always responded, for their part, with reason, and with explanations that step by step delineated the causes of things. However all those words could not be remembered or take root in the minds of the befuddled masses, surrounded by the barrage of an organized , disciplined ongoing assault against them by carefully crafted and timed Republican policies which succeeded beyond all expectation in eroding leisure (i.e., pondering) time, financial power, physical strength, sleep and pleasure time, and increasing worry and stress time, overwhelmed and busy moments, mindless paperwork time, and confusional realities and "supports," along with the the major thrust of verbal repetition, comprised of simplistic, simple-minded, irrational, then increasingly irrational, but perfectly concocted verbal phrasings that elicited the precise proportions of…"

Part 1The Fifty Year Invisible Family and Community That Surrounded All Americans and Affected Every Aspect of Their Lives Including, and Intentionally, the Basic Components of One's Personality, and the Erosion of Reason, Soul, and Independent Thought or Action. How only because of increasingly cocky and greedy acts and extreme over-reaching "in broad daylight," before the entire world, which displayed an incredible disregard for, disrespect of, indeed, the actual literal inability of the "Filthy Rich" and their Republican puppets to SEE American People, accidentally displayed blatantly and unknowingly by the Rep & FR before the entire world, disclose to the masses of Americans some "cracks," "stains," or textures in the "dome" of unreality they'd existed in, which made them blind to Reality itself, and had kept them in a near zombie like dream reality in which some began remembering events, the memories of which had been "bleached" out of awareness until just them, and then with remembering they realized how they'd been trained like animals their entire lives for the uses, whatever they'd be, of the "Filthy Rich," and been trained then to forget that. The absolute certainty of their success and the absolute inability of the "Filthy Rich," which was the shocking thing they'd carelessly let out and therefore displayed to the World,… absolute inability of the Rep and FR to actually notice, let alone view or act towards, Americans as any thing even living or having sentient ability, let alone as Humans, People, or Individuals (as far as "fellow Americans," if that question even crossed your mind for second, you're not yet taking in how literally true this is meant. You may very well, in fact, be deeply dreaming and have missed the little crack in the dream state that had shone the light in the eyes of a sufficiently large segment of the world population as to cause them to come out of trance and begin to untie their formerly invisible bonds, so that they could try looking around, which led to the realization of the reality that had been blocked from view, and the beginnings of investigations into the real truths of their existence, and to this series of books, which delineates the actual, formerly invisible profile, of the actual actors in American's lives, and the processes of control , and the things in one's lives that were determined for you by them, though you thought you had been making decisions for yourself. And the last aspects of this series delineating the real factors in your life and the outlines of the real intentions for our lives these puppet masters have had, and have even now in mind.