Cobb: "I will split up my father's empire." Now, this is obviously an idea that Robert himself would choose to reject. Which is why we need to plant it deep in his subconscious. Subconscious is motivated by emotion, right? Not reason. We need to find a way to translate this into an emotional concept. Arthur: How do you translate a business strategy into an emotion? Cobb: That's what we're here to figure out, right? Now, Robert's relationship with his father is stressed, to say the least. Eames: Well, can we run with that? We could suggest to him breaking up his father's company as a "screw-you" to the old man. Cobb: No, 'cause I think positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time. We all yearn for reconciliation, for catharsis. We need Robert Fischer to have a positive emotional reaction to all this. Eames: Alright, we'll try this, umm... "My father accepts that I want to create for myself, not follow in his footsteps." Cobb: That might work. Arthur: Might? We're gonna need to do a little better than 'might'. Eames: Oh, thank you for your contribution, Arthur. Arthur: Forgive me for wanting a little specificity, Eames… Specificity?

The team meets in the workshop to figure out the next phase of implanting the idea in Fischer's head.