Stanley Osmanski: She called that bastard Ernie McCracken 14 times in the last 3 days. Now what the hell is your relationship to him? ... Aah! Whoa. Hoo! Roy Munson: Now stop it! Stop it. I'll tell you what my relationship is to him. He's the guy who gave me that. Stanley Osmanski: Nice. That solid gold? Roy Munson: The hand. Stanley Osmanski: Big Ern is responsible for that? Roy Munson: Yeah. No, I... I don't know. I used to think he was. Now it's like you and Claudia. You probably blame McCracken for screwing that up, but I'll bet it's your own damn fault. Stanley Osmanski: Let's go find McCracken.

Roy summarizes to Stanley his history with Ernie McCracken.