haha and i know dumb is waaaay better at freestyling, dude is amazing. but dont tell me to "step it up" lol i really dont care about a fuckin freestyle!!! im a writer, the frees are for shits and giggles.beat produced by EOM http://twitter.com/eom_pick up the Wax and Dumbfoundead album "Clockwise!"http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cloc...this might be super boring to some of you, haha.. but i decided to get together with wax and dumbfoundead for this 400k freestyle. so we just turned the camera on and started rapping. its lame cuz no one REALLY freestyles these days, so i understand why a lotta kids don't appreciate this type of thing anymore. you're used to something being called a freestyle when its a dude spittin a whole bunch of memorized writtens, well this is a REAL FREESTYLE. so enjoy, dont enjoy, we had fun. and thank you sooooooooo much for subscribing!