Woman: Hi, I'm at the corner of Pleasant Heel and John Young Parkway. I'm in a Walgreen's parking lot and my car won't start. I'm locked inside my car. I cannot open my car, I can't get the windows down. Nothing electrical works and it's getting very hot in here and I'm not feeling well. I need some help. 911 Operator: Are you able to pull the lock up on the door and open the door? You should be able to pull the lock up even if it's electrical. Woman: I've tried it...Oh, okay, okay, I've got that going, okay. 911 Operator: So are you able to get out of the car now? Woman: Yes, I got the door open. 911 Operator: Ok. Woman: Alrighty, I'll see if I can get AAA or something. 911 Operator: Ok, thank you. Woman: I'm sorry 911 Operator: That's ok. Bye

A woman calls 911 when she locks herself in her car.