You know, honestly, do you know how I really feel? I want to laugh. It makes me laugh. It's like, really? You know, there's so many people out of work right now, and there's this guy right here that has the answers for fixing the economy. And all these attacks, they're going to try everything. And that is what people have to ask themselves when they go in the voting booth in November. Are you better off now? Do you really think the future is going to be brighter on the path we're on? Do you thing we need a change? Basically, my philosophy is, they're going to fire the coach. I already, sort of, know the answer. At the end of the day, they're going to fire the coach, 'cause things are not going well.

Ann Romney talks about attack ads by the DNC for riding horses, as a part of her battle and treatment for MS. The DNC pulled the commercials shortly after the airing of this interview.