Pinky: Don't move. I'll blow your goddamn head smooth off. Now, back up. Slowly! Don't say a word. Craig: Hey, man, you... Pinky: I said don't say a word. Day-Day: Craig went in there to take a doo-doo. You ain't seen him get nothin', uh, to try to make it fresh. He ain't do nothin' to try to make it fresh in there. Pinky: Come on. Little motherfucker gonna try to rob me. Well, I'm gonna show you how we do it up here in Pinky's, nigga. Craig: I wasn't tryin' to rob you-- Pinky: Shut up! Before I bust a cap up in your ass. Now, what you done done with Day-Day and Roach? Craig: Day-Day is my peep. Pinky: Shut up! Now, who sent you, nigga? Craig: Nobody sent me. Pinky: Say another motherfuckin' word, and this shit is over! And I ain't playin', nigga. Now, you ain't got no gun. But where the weed at? Craig: I ain't got no weed. Pinky: Shut the fu-shut, did I say nigga! Oh, shit! Say it again! Say somethin' else! Oh! Say somethin' else! Say somethin' else, nigga. I'm gonna tie your monkey ass up.

Pinky has a gun to Craig's head because he thought he was trying to rob his record store.