Joey: Hey, Doreen, it ain't no blow job. Double J.: You don't know fuck about women, Joey. You get a blow job easier than you get that. Tony: I noticed. Doreen: I love to watch you dance, Tony. Tony: Oh, yeah? Doreen: I love it. I love to watch you dance. I.. I.. I.. just love it... watchin' you dance... Bobby C.: Hey, Tony, listen, uh, do her a favor. Why don't you take her for a dance, huh? Tony: That's a good idea. Wanna dance? It's for charity.

Doreen fawns all over Tony as Joey tells her that this is not a blow job. Double J. tells Joey he knows nothing about women and that adoration is harder to get than a blow job. Doreen just continues to stare at Tony and stutters about how much she loves to watch him dance. Bobby suggests Tony take her for a dance and tells Donna it's for charity, meaning actually that he is doing her a favor by dancing with her.