Let’s go, Let me talk to you all real quick, All the kids at school having celebrations, Getting cash for…and confirmations. …Star Wars geek, Got invited to his Bart Mitzvah last week. He said it’s a party for turning 13, Light saber and a stack of mad green, When black kids have a party we get new socks, While Josh gets 10 Gs and a new Xbox. …. I think it’s about time that I become Jewish. I’m hungry, for 10 grand I’ll pray all day. … My birthday was…I got a nerf… I make 5 bucks a week from taking out the trash, I want some religious ceremony cash, I’m going to have black Bar Mitzvah, And get some money, money put in my hands, Bro Mitzvah… I had the biggest party in the land. …holla back We rockin’ kengols and… …while all my relatives hand money to me, ….girls while we sing lollypop. …kids get party plush with cash. The people that want to do the limbo, …meet my body guard Kimbo. Ooo, that girl looking so nice, Bartender serving…no ice. Got my hand on my money and Kardashian. Diamonds…so home boy I’m out so holla. I’m going to have a black Bar Mitzvah, And get some money, money in my hands, Bro Mitzvah! Have the biggest party in all the land, Bro Mitzvah!

Bobb'e J. Thompson, from Role Models, comes out with a song called Bro Mitzvah about black Bar Mitzvah.