Respondant: Hello. Old Lady: Hello, is this uh.. the internet? Respondant: That would be me, I am the internet. Old Lady: Okay, I've got a senior memory going on here. Respondant: Oh, okay. Old Lady: I've forgot what my userID and passwords are. I thought I had them plain, but evidently it's not. Respondant: Oh, okay. Old Lady: Do you have a copy of them for me? Respondant: Oh yeah, it's have a pencil? It's S-H.. Old Lady: This is the ID? Respondant: Yeah, this is the ID for you. S-H Old Lady: S-H Respondant: I-T-H Old Lady: I-T-H Respondant: E-A-D. Old Lady: E-A-D.....What?! That's not me, I didn't use that. Respondant: Oh, okay. That's what I show here.

Awkward internet support call.