Man: I need a man with a gun up here. Operator: You do? Man: This mother fucker is….this mother fucker chases a deer in my car. Now I picked the deer up and put him in the back seat…tear my god damn car apart in here. Operator: Where is this all taking place? Man: You know where the…variety is? The store where they sell…I got me a mother fucking Cadillac right here and this mother fucker is tearing the shit out of the back seat… Operator: What road are you on? Man: … Operator: Where are you at? Man: … Operator: Where abouts? Man: I tell you where…cars. This mother fucker kicked my back window out…get ‘em fixed. Operator: Run like that. Man: …. Operator: Alright, hang in there and I’ll send a car over. Man: The mother fucker bit me too. Send someone with a gun to shoot this thing. Operator: Okay, we’ll send a car over.

A man calls 911 when a deer attacks him and destroys his Cadillac.