Paul Teutul Sr.: We’re going to pay a visit to the Governor and let her know what we’re up to. Sarah Palin: Holy moley, hello how are you? Paul Teutul Sr.: Good. How are you? Sarah Palin: Nice to see you. Are you staying warm? Paul Teutul Sr: Yeah, got the ol Eskimo suit on. Sarah Palin: Yeah you do, very good. We heard that the OCC guys were going to be up here building a bike and it would assist us in celebrating statehood. We have 50 years of statehood now we’re celebrating. Paul Teutul Sr.: So you snow mobile? Sarah Palin: Oh yeah, snow machine yes. Paul Teutul Sr: What kind of a snow mobile do you own? Sarah Plain: I got an arctic cat. We got a couple of different kinds. Different race machines. I inherit whatever Todd rejects from the year prior. Paul Teutul Sr.: Your husband is a real big enthusiast in the snow mobile Sarah Palin: Yeah he loves it. Yeah we love those motor sports. It means so much to the state of Alaska that these guys are building this bike that will honor statehood here; we’ve been a state for 50 years. Paul Teutul Sr.: I tell you this place is beautiful. I’d like to come up here on my bike. Sarah Palin: Oh you should, yeah. Everybody is going to appreciate this. It represents a real heart of America so there’s a lot of appreciation for what OCC and Unique Machines is doing here. Yeah you do so many good things for other states also. You got that patriotism in you that people so respect. Paul Teutul Sr.: I thought the meeting went well. Felt real comfortable, real down to earth person so easy to talk to. Sarah Palin: Ugh, come up in the summer time and lets go fishing. That’s another good thing. We’ll ride the bike to the fishing whole. Paul Teutul Sr.: I’m a big fisherman I love it. I'm gonna take you up on that.

Sarah Palin makes a guest appearance on American Choppers.