FBI Agent: What do you think? FBI Agent 2: He's a Russkie. FBI Agent: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of in my life. Of course, he's a Russkie, but he's a retard or something. FBI Agent 2: We'd better call Washington. Chekov: Don't move. FBI Agent: O.K. Make nice. Give us the ray gun. Chekov: I warn you... if you don't lie on the floor I will have to stun you. FBI Agent: Go ahead. Stun me. Chekov: I'm very sorry, but... must be the radiation.

FBI Agents interrogating Chekov debate about him and determine he is a Russkie and plan to call Washington. FBI Agent claims that he is also retarded. interrogating Chekov: What do you think? Chekov then takes his phaser and plans to stun them but it jams. He laughs nervously that it must be the radiation, throws the phaser at the FBI Agent and escapes through a back door.