Man: So Steve we’re here again for another multi-track tape. Steve: Yes we are and it’s with special thanks to Sir Paul McCartney, Apple and EMI for this 8-track recording. In fact as I discovered when I went to Abby road the original track was actually recorded on a four track the session started on the 21st of July 1969, with Paul on bass recorded onto track 1, George Harrison on electric guitar on track 2, Ringo’s drums were on track 3 and John not playing guitar when he cut the track’s singing guide vocal along with his…onto track 4. The four track was then transferred to 8-track and the overdubs were added to this new master. Now with the advantage of current technology both the original four track multi-track which luckily Abby Roads still has and the…8-track tape have both be transferred to digital. So what we can now hear is the best bits of both original multi-tracks. So let’s start by letting the multi-track start up and you can hear John count everyone in. 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, So let’s hear the drums isolated. These are on a separate track on the multi track. And these sound like a modern big drum sound. A big fat kick sound. Now let me solo the base, and there’s a small amount of room bleed that sounds like Paul’s base is a mix of both the amplifier and the direct signal mixed together on this one track. Now let’s hear George Harrison’s electric guitar. If you can listen really carefully you can hear him change the pickup from clean to crunchy in the middle of the note. Now let’s hear the band together, drums, bass and guitar. It really is a superb recording. Now on the 8-track Paul added an electric piano overdub, a fairly new instrument back then. So let’s hear that. And now in the track…but also 2 additional guitar parts overdubbed with a lick that never made it on the final mix. Also on this track you can hear maracas, this was recorded at the same time on the same track and now everything on the track. Now let’s move on to the lead vocal. Because Abby Road still has the original four track tape we can now hear John’s guide vocal and hand clap recorded on the original session and as he wasn’t playing guitar when he cut the track he was able to add this distinctive hand clap. Something he also did on the final vocal. It’s worth nothing that this guide vocal doesn’t have the tape after it; it was added after the final tape. You’ll also notice the phrasing is very different and in fact the whole vocal approach is more powerful as a performance. An almost over the top performance maybe to get the backing track down with the energy that it clearly has. Now let’s hear the master vocal this has the tape delay echo printed along with the vocal and because John clapped at the same time of singing the effect appears in the voice and hand clap. Next is the harmony vocal track, its track 8 on the multi track and contains vocals form both Paul and John. A pander left and right so we can hear vocal harmonies and double track...all on this one track. And now quick blast of everything. Such an amazing track, the superb production, brilliant mix and the perfect opener to the album Abby Road.

This is a multi-track analysis of the Beatles song 'Come Together'.