Operator: 911, do you need fire, medical, or police. Woman: No, ma’am I don’t. I don’t have an emergency, two police officers just left my house just now, can I get their names please? He is the cutest cop I have seen in god knows how long I just want to know his name. I know it's not an emergency but heck, it doesn't happen very often, a good-looking man comes at your door step. Can you send him back my way? Operator: Do you need them to come back there? Woman: Oh I’d like that, yeah. Operator: Why do you need them to come back there? Woman: Because I have an emergency. I’ll think of something. He’s cute. Would you send them back my way would you? Operator: Okay and what is the reason? Woman: Um, my dog. Just blame it on my dog…no say the music was too loud. They came in the first place because the neighbors…we’ve been here for over 15 years they got a lot of nerve these neighbors. My music was too loud can I discuss that with them? Operator: You need to talk about the noise complaint as well? Woman: Exactly. Operator: Hold on just a moment. Woman: He’s a cutie pie. Operator: And who has the loud noise? Woman: I’m the one who has the loud noise. The officer needs to come to my house…just me with the loud music. Operator: Okay and ma’am what do you need the officer to do? Do you have another noise complaint? Woman: …honey I’m just going to be honest with you okay, I just thought he was cute. I’m 45 years old and I’d like to meet him again. I don’t know how to go about doing that without calling 911. I know this is not absolutely in any way, shape or form an emergency. But if you give the officer my phone number and ask him to come back other than I know they have terrible lots of things to do....would you mind? Operator: I’ll give him the message to call you.

A woman calls 911 because she wants to give an officer that was at her house her number.