David Letterman: Well I don’t really know you you’ve been on the show and you’re always personable and charming and witty and stuff. But what are you really like? Do you get irritated quickly, do you have a hair trigger temper. Do you get annoyed easily? Ricky Gervais: Really easily and it’s getting worse and worse with age. I’m becoming a…everything annoys me now. I think eventually I’m going to be like Howard Hughs I’m just going to live in a box or a vault or something because everything annoys me. David Letterman: Like what kind of stuff? Ricky Gervais: I mean restaurants, noise in restaurants. So I have to find an empty restaurant. I find an empty restaurant I go to a table, someone comes in and the waiter sits them next to me. No, there’s hundreds of tables don’t sit them next to me. No there’s hundreds of tables don’t sit them next to me. And then I can’t stand scraping their plate, I can’t stand chewing in restaurants. I have to move. I can’t stand whistling, people whistling it’s always inane. There’s no reason, it annoys me because they’re happy. People don’t whistle when they’re annoyed. Oh bad news your wife died…you don’t whistle so they’re showing me they’re having a better time than me.

Ricky Gervais complains to David Letterman how he gets annoyed by everything.