Come to decide other games that I tried Were not enough to waste my time on I don't really see why you'd play C O D And Fallout 3 felt so contrived Don't understand why you'd play Rock Band Cause there's just one game that I get high on Play it all the time, its gaming redefined Copied it to my hard drive Halo, this is all I play oh I got my Halo This is all I play oh I always know when my ammo is low And a fast reloads what I rely on On a killing spree, no one's as good as me Through the campaign and I haven't died Come to believe that I'm better than Steve When we play split screen he gets his cry on No one's beating me, challenge is what I need Bet I would rule on X-Box Live Halo, this is all I play oh One-player Halo This is all I play oh The more I talk, the taunts I throw The more I let my ego grow Halo Woah oh Conquered single-player so let's go online for Slayer And we'll go toe to toe I'll obliterate you and you'll see me desecrate you When I teabag you slow I'm a Banshee lover so you better run for cover But there's nowhere to go Play on Legendary baby I'm so good its scary Man, you don't even know Who would have known that I would get owned When I took my game on X-Box Live Sword made of energy Whoops, now its killing me Two glowing blades are stuck inside Everyone here makes me cower in fear Maybe I should just go run and hide What a lousy spawn Don't know whats going on My every kill has been denied Halo, this is all I play oh I suck at Halo Listen what I say oh The more I play the less I know The more I realize I blow at Halo Woah oh Getting killed in Slayer and it looks like single-player Set the bar way too low Now my fate is sealed, I've run out of Bubble Shield And there's nowhere to go Losing on Valhalla to guy dual-wielding Maulers Cause I move way too slow Run through with their blades, getting stuck with the grenades That explode with a glow I said hey, hey yeah, oh yeah Wheres my friends now Hey, hey yeah, oh yeah Cant this end now Running from a Banshee up above they always see me Cause I'm slow down below Flounder on Foundation then I die on Desolation Where there's no Carney Hole Killed by a grenade from a kid in the third grade Well, he sounds ten years old Reputations shattered but it kind of doesn't matter From now on, I play alone I said hey, oh yeah, oh yeah I'm so dead now Hey, yeah yeah, oh yeah