911: 9-1-1, what's your problem? Antoinette: I need a citizens arrest at Nation and Woodbury. 911: I know what's your problem? Antoinette: They stole my damn dollar. He won't finish it. I want my dollar and ten cents. 911: Hold on, what's going on? Hello? Antoinette: What did I say? 911: I can't tell. You're yelling at me. Antoniette: I want my dollar and my taco. Antoinette: The owner the proprietor here. 911: You having a problem with the taco? Antoinette: I am. The owner bitch! 911: Antoinette: Pardon me, I am upset. 911: Excuse me? Antoinette: Have you listened to anything I've said? 911: Are you drunk? Antoinette: No, I am not a drunk. 911: Ok start talking. Antoinette: You get your ass and bring it over here. 911: Slow down. I need some information from ya. Antoinette: You get your ass over here and get my mother fucking taco and money. 911: My ass is staying in the office over here. Antoinette: You listening to me? 911: You need to calm down. What is wrong with the taco? Antoinette: He won't give it to me. He took my money and won't give it back. 911: He took your money and won't give you the taco? Antoinette: Yeah my god damn house is locked up you motherfucker. I got 1 dollar 75 cents. 911: Me why are you calling me names? Antoinette: Look are you coming or not? 911: As far as I'm concerned you can have that taco. Antoinette: Tell that bitch over here. 911: What's your name? Antoinette: Antoinette. 911: What's your last name? Antoinette: Jones. 911: He took your money and your food, that's not right. Antoinette: Give me... I'm upset. 911: You don't have anything if you don't want to. Are you going to give me your information? Antoinette: What the fuck. 911: Or else what? Antoinette: Are you refusing to help me? 911: I need some information. Where are you? Antoinette: I told you already. 911: I know but are you going somewhere? Antoniette: Don't bring no nigger. 911: What does that have to do with anything? Are you saying you want a white deputy? Why is that? Antoinette: Look.

A woman calls 9-1-1 on Taco Bell.