Miller: Bangalores! Bring up some bangalores! Grenades, grenades! Get me some grenades. Get them over here! Bangalores up the line! Bangalores up the line! Horvath: Heads up! Bangers coming your way! Come on, come on, come on! Jackson: Jackson here, sir! Reiben: Reiben back, sir! Dying Soldier: Oh, my God! One more. Give me one more. Oh, my God, it hurts! I'm gonna die! Oh, my God! Oh, Jesus! Oh, my God! Keep it moving. Keep it moving. Wade: Almost got it. Caparzo: Jesus! Lucky bastard.

Miller and his men try to regroup and take care of their wounded as the move up the beach. One soldier is shot in his helmet which makes Caparzo comment on how lucky his is until the next shot kills the helmetless soldier.