David: Hi can I help you? Regis: Guess who I am? David: Oh my god… Regis: Guess who I am?! David: It’s Regis Philbin. Regis: It’s not Regis, it’s Shrek! David: How ya doing buddy? Regis: Biggest mistake I ever made. Two and a half hours sitting across the street putting this on. Another two hours waiting in the green room while you’re staring at Beyonce’s earrings. Big, big mistake! David: You look like Becky Hackick after a bad clam. Regis: Honest to God I’m sitting there and I’m saying Dave is right across the street he’ll enjoy…are you playing with my horn? Get out of there. David: Why are you doing this Regis? Regis: Because I thought you’d enjoy this. I don’t think so. I don’t think so. David: Well I am enjoying it. Why don’t you and I go get a couple of whores? Regis: You know Regis would probably say no but Shrek is ready. David: I can tell Shrek is ready. Regis: Alright well I just wanted to come by and say…keep ignoring me. David: You know who was here the other night what’s her name Kelly Lee. Regis: Kelly Ripper! Honest to God she was here? David: I like her she’s very nice. Regis: You like everybody don’t you? David: No not really. Regis: What a fuss you make over Beyonce. Oh my God. David: Well she’s beautiful, 10 Grammys, and did you see the beautiful face. What a sweet lovely face. Regis: You kept staring at her earrings. Anyway how do I look? Tell me. David: You look fine. Regis: We’re doing on our show… David: Who cares? Regis: See what I mean. Why bother? My idea let me go over and visit with Dave. He’ll like this. David: You just came over for the free coffee. Regis: We’re doing a week of shows, Broadway shows. So anyway…here I am. Alright I’m going to go home now. David: Regis Philben ladies and gentleman.

Regis Philbin visits David Letterman on his show dressed like Shrek as a surprise.