Claire Cleary: How is it going? John Beckwith: Oh, just swinging the jib here for your dad. Starboard. Trying to get it over here and crease the sheet. Claire Cleary: Um, but starboard's this way. John Beckwith: Oh, that's right. What am I... Claire Cleary: Yeah. John Beckwith: What am I thinking? Claire Cleary: I'll help. John Beckwith: Okay. Claire Cleary: Hang on, hang on. Watch the jib boom. John Beckwith: Oh. Claire Cleary: All right, push it. Push it this way. John Beckwith: Oh, yeah. Yeah, this is better. Claire Cleary: Come on, use some muscle. There we go. All right, that's good. Done. Done. John Beckwith: You know, I'm used to sailing down under with the kiwis, so everything is backwards. Even the toilets... when you flush them, the water spins the opposite way. Really freaks you out the first time you see it.

John, who doesn't have a clue about sailing, is bailed out by Claire. He makes excuses for his deficiency.