Bob Barker: Our top winner I the showcase is Gay! And our runner up today is Jose. And can you please show them showcase number 1. Announcer: Your showcase begins with this beautiful living room. We’re showing a plush comfortable design come together to create…from Ashley. Sit back and relax at mission style comfort from the Ashley Companies. And this new carpeting! At Carpet 1…and for your living room there’s this brand new rear projection high definition TV. Delight…detailed pictures of this 46 inch 3 LCD rear projection HDTV. And get off the couch and enjoy the outdoors on these brand new motorcycles! The Kawasaki…motorcycle…with exceptional acceleration. And this showcase can be yours if the price is right. Bob Barker: Do you wish to bid or pass Gay? Gay: I’m gonna pass. Bob Barker: You will pass to Jose. What’s your bid Jose on this showcase? Everything. Give me your bid Jose. Jose what do you bid? Jose: I’ll bid 250,000. Bob Barker: 250 dollars? Jose: Thousand. 250,000. Bob Barker: 250,000?! Crowd: [Boos] Bob Barker: Think about that for a moment now. Jose: 60,000 Bob Barker: 60,000 dollars. That’s your bid? 60,000 dollars it is. Gay, this is your showcase. Alright Gay what will you bid on your showcase? Gay: A dollar. Bob Barker: One dollar you will bid, the audience approves. We’ll be back after this. Oh excitement is running high. Gay you bid 1 dollar on your showcase, actual retail price of her showcase 28,898 a difference of 28,897. Now over to Jose. Jose you bid 60,000 dollars on your showcase. Actual retail price of Jose’s showcase, 20,685. You win Gay! You win!

This is the worst bid ever made on the Price is Right. Jose tries to bid $250,000 on a showcase.