Jon: "Last week the House approved expanding existing protections to add sexual orientation to a list already including race, color, religion and gender. The bill approved 249-175, why would 175 people vote against it…it's the temperature…" Trent Franks: "It would have a devastating and chilling effect on free speech in America." Virginia Foxx: "If this bill becomes law it will have a chilling effect." Bob Goodlatte: "This will have a chilling effect." Mike Pence: "Chilling effect." Jim Jordan: "A chilling effect." Louie Gohmert: "...over and over it has a chilling effect." Jon: "I assume that's why all of your nipples get hard when you're talking about it." Steve King: "Now if you don't know how can you decimate against me or if I don't know how could I or anyone discriminate against you. If you keep those things private there can be no discrimination. And that's why I submit it's the right thing to do when it comes to sexuality Mr. Speaker." Jon: "All I'm saying Mr. Speaker is if they gays just didn't hold hands then they wouldn't be so damn punchable."

Jon Stewart does a skit about Republicans upset that sexual orientation ahs been added to a discrimination bill.