Now to Elaborate on Point 102

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Dr. Mainheimer: Now, to elaborate on point 102... Ed Hocken: Here! Read this, it's an emergency. Dr. Mainheimer: "His strong manly hands probed every crevice of her silken femininity, their undulating bodies writhing in sensual rhythm, as he thrust his purple headed warrior into her quivering mound of love pudding." Nordberg: All right, listen up everyone! I want you to calmly file towards the exits. That's it, that's it! Nobody runs, just walk. Single file. That's it. Now if we just stay calm, no one's gonna be harmed by the huge bomb that's gonna explode any minute.

While Frank and Jane work on the bomb Dr. Meinheimer's entire audience is asleep. Ed and Nordberg enter the hall. Ed hands Dr. Meinheimer's a book called "Strokin' The Love Muffin". The audience slowly wakes up and, per Nordberg's command, starts heading slowly toward the exit, until he mentions the bomb.